After seeing so many companies get large and lose the personal, attentive, and specialized customer service they began their business with, we decided to offer a low overhead service company specializing in the customer experience.
Our Design Studio is located on a residential lot shared with our modification shop. The property has been owned by the Dave Ricketts family for more than forty years.
The building is built with a lot of focus on green sustainability. When you visit the site you will notice the use of permanent material like stainless railings, concrete floors, cement board siding. Most of the lighting is LED to reduce power use and low temperature floor heating.
For every prospective client we take the time to survey the needs and analyze the impact of the desired requests. Many times we review the outcome and present an alternative that has not been considered. For many clients this is the first time they have worked with a design team that has been focused on the outcome instead of selling products they promote.
We propose refacing when it makes sense to save good sound cabinet boxes. In many projects we use materials that are new surplus from commercial projects saving both cost and disposal. Lately it seems everybody wants the robust solid feel the commercial projects use in abundance while keeping the costs very low.

Visit our Design Studio - 387 Front St S - Issaquah, WA
by appointment only please - call us at 425-295-1960

Dave Ricketts • Michael Miller