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REFACING – "The art of reusing existing cabinet boxes and creating an outcome that is durable, fresh and in your style"
We REFACE using a wood on wood veneer so there is no problem with paper back wrinkling or ¼” material changing the thickness of the fronts of the cabinets and the need to staple through the finished surface to hold heavy material in place.

--- We reface both traditional faceframe and frameless cabinet setups.

--- If the existing arrangement of cabinets and appliances are not changing and the cabinets are solidly built and installed, refacing can make logical sense. The costs can be significantly lower as well.

--- Some upgrades that can be offered on a reface are to change the material (wood, metal or laminate) used, replace the drawer boxes and drawer glides to new technology heavier capacity, quieter operating, full extension and even slow close units. Featured glass doors, glass shelves and in cabinet lights are also possible. Under cabinet lights can freshen up that old cabinet set. Simple modifications are often possible within a refacing project.

--- Refacing can be done without removing the countertop(s), sink, floor or framed-in window.

REPLACE -- New cabinets allows for a new design or layout. You can change materials of the interior of the cabinets. Many homeowners opt for the plywood finished interior instead of the white coated particleboard that was in the prior set the builder provided. Typically new cabinet projects include new floors, appliances, counter tops, sinks and faucets. Often a larger scope of work and larger costs.

--- With new cabinets you can select whether you want the look of a framed cabinet which can include overlay doors, exposed barrel high style hinges or inset doors with or without a bead. Another popular option is a frameless cabinet. This type of construction offers more efficiency since the space occupied by the faceframe is either reduced or eliminated. On a stack of drawers the vertical height increase can be substantial.

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